Pretty in Pins: Valentine's Day DIYs

Valentine's Day is in 6 days! I've been having fun with all the Valentine Day's post, so this week's Pretty in Pins is all about the cute DIYs I've seen on Pinterest. If you're feeling ambitious, here are some of my favorite DIYs. Hope everyone has a lovely week!

Valentine's Day: 8 Things to Wear

I love being festive. Here are things I found on the internet that I think would be fun to wear on Valentine's Day, or any day really. How cute are the heart eyes emoji earrings? Happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend!

Valentine's Day: 8 Thinks to Wear

Fashion Friday: Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! I like being festive, but I may have gone a little too heart-crazy with my outfit, but tried to tone it down with my black jeans. I love jeans with ankle-zips. They are perfect for pedicures. No need to try to pull up them skinny jeans. Just unzip them and fold them up. Voilà! Also, I decided I'm going to just own my awkward photos. I can't take a serious picture like the rest of the blogging world without laughing or being silly, so here's to more awkward photos to come! Aight, enough of my random rant, I hope everyone has a great day full of love, candy, flowers, and other treats for you. Go treat yo self!

Heart bobbi pin from  //  Heart bobbi pin from  //  Yeah bobbi pin from  //  Pink heart sweater from Target  //  Gold heart from  //  Heart bobbi pin from  //  Heart bobbi pin from  //  Heart necklace from  //  Brass geometric necklace from Madewell  //  Black legging jeans from Madewell  //  Gold glitter smoking flats from Target  //  Red lipstick from Nars

Special thanks to Jill for taking pictures for me!