Madewell x The Sill

I've been on a plant kick lately. I don't know what about plants, but they make me happy, and therefore I want to surround myself with more plants. I recently went to Flora Grubb Gardens for the first time. I will post pictures of my adventure soon, but for now I want to talk planters.

I didn't find the planters that I wanted there, and wanted to look around before I settled on some. It was hard to find pots that I liked. Nothing looked quite right, or they were sold out or were way out of my budget. I searched all over the internet, but haven't had much luck. If you know of any good planters, please let me know! I think my best bet will be to go to flea markets, and I will also paint some from Ikea.

My most exciting find though has been a company called The Sill. They bring house plants to people in beautiful planters. They seem awesome, and just had a collaboration with my favorite brand, Madewell! You read that right! Madewell is venturing into home decor. I don't know if it's only a one time thing, but I hope it's not!

Photo from The Sill

Of course I fell in love with all of them! I especially want the white and blue striped one as well as the pink ones. I think the blue stripes are fun and calming at the same time.

I also really want this terracotta face planter that's in collaboration with Isaac Nichols.

                        Photo from The Sill

                        Photo from The Sill

I think all of these planters be the perfect to add to my collection.

Unfortunately, for me, it looks like they only deliver in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I'll just have to dream about them for now, or somehow find a way to get my hands on them. Fingers crossed! Until then, the hunt for cool planters continues.

Fashion Friday: Gold Details

How is it already the end of March! I have not been doing a great job of keeping up my blog, but I'm going to keep trying to post things. I've been busy freelancing and looking for a job. Bare with me as I try to get back into the groove of things.

I'm feeling pretty chubbs these days, but this is what I'm wearing on this windy day. I love Lauren Moffatt work. She makse such beautiful prints and styles. I was happy to snag some of her clothes on super sale. I also love Clare Vivier and should probably get my bag cleaned. Anyways, have a great weekend!

Pintuck Top by Lauren Moffatt  //  Gold pom pom flower from  //  Brass necklace from Madewell  //  Black legging jeans from Gap  //  Gold cap toe loafers from Madewell  //  Cognac messenger bag from Clare Vivier  //  Gold hair bow from American Apparel

photos by @astrism

Fashion Friday: The Transport Tote

Happy Friday! Trying to get back into the grove of posting regularly again. I had the flu and then food poisoning, but now I'm back. I can't believe March is here and flying by!

I've been in the market for a tote. Have you guys seen the Mansur Gavriel bags? I'm in love with this tote. I love the clean lines and the pop of color. The price point is just too high for me right now. One day!

I still wanted a tote though, so I decided to go with the Transport Tote from Madewell. It is also a simple tote and I got to monogram it. I think it'll be a very versatile bag and a great addition to my bag collection. Anyways, have a great weekend everyone!

Scarf from Shareen Vintage  //  White sweater from Madewell  //  Turquoise pom pom flower from  //  Brass necklace from Madewell (similar here)  //  Black legging jeans from Gap  //  Gold cork flats from Kate Spade  //  Transport tote from Madewell

Photos by @astrism

Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome to the year of the horse! As a Thai-Chinese-American I get to celebrate 3 new years! Here's to new year number 2! Ever since I was a kid, my dad always told me to make sure my home was clean, so I can go into the new year with a clean slate and good luck. I still make sure to do that every year before Chinese New Year. I also like to wear something red to symbolize the good fortune and joy that I hope is ahead as well! I like to try to get as much good luck as I can get! :)

Another new year, another chance for me to reflect on what I've done so far. This month has been kind of crazy. It has been a nice break from work work, but it can still be stressful trying to figure out what's next for me and living from project to project. I am excited that I got to knock two things off my 1st new year's resolutions: starting a blog and opening an Etsy shop! What's ahead in February who knows! Only one way to find out! Thanks for following along my random journey! Here's to more fun to come, hopefully! Now go eat some Chinese food to celebrate!


Black jacket from Zara  //  Black cardigan from Madewell  //  Red pleated dress from Madewell  //  Black sunglasses from Karen Walker  //  Gold star pin from  //  Gold pom pom flower from  //  Gold geometric necklace from Madewell  //  Black tights from Target  //  Black oxfords from Madewell