Pretty in Pins: Eggtastic Easter

I can't believe it's already Easter next Sunday, and it'll be April on Wednesday! We are already 1/4 of the way through the year! I have some eggciting news coming, but for now, here are my favorite egg decorating ideas on Pinterest. Hope everyone has an eggcellent week! 

Eggcellent Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter is this Sunday, but I do love decorating eggs. I have fond memories of decorating eggs, doing Easter eggs hunts as a kid as well as entering a coloring contest at a Ralph's and winning a giant bunny stuffed animal. I still have the bunny at my parent's house.

I love all of the fun ideas that I have come across on Pinterest, so I decided to create an Easter Pinterest board. Here are some of my favorite egg decorating ideas from Pinterest to try out.

1. Sharpie eggs from  //  2. Neon dip-dyed eggs from Oh Joy!  //  3. Pantoned dyed eggs from How About Orange  //  4. Painted brown eggs  //  5. Mr. Humpty Dumpty eggs from Confetti Sunshine  //  6. Pineapple eggs from Studio DIY //  7. Black and white eggs from Paper & Stitch  //  Golden marbled eggs fromSheKnows  //  All natural dyed eggs from Better Homes and Gardens