Pretty in Pins: Valentine's Day DIYs

Valentine's Day is in 6 days! I've been having fun with all the Valentine Day's post, so this week's Pretty in Pins is all about the cute DIYs I've seen on Pinterest. If you're feeling ambitious, here are some of my favorite DIYs. Hope everyone has a lovely week!

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! I wasn't going to dress up for Halloween, but decided very last minute that I should be something. I decided to be Fantastic Mrs. Fox, and Grant should be Fantastic Mr. Fox.


It was hard to find a yellow dress, but I found a mustard yellow swing dress that I thought was good enough. I painted some masks on card stock. I used watercolor so you can see the strokes/fur. I cut out the pupils so we could see through them. Although, I should have measured how far apart our pupils were first. I also made a little pendant and apple out of card stock as well to add a little flair more flair. With that, I present you the masks below. Anyways, Happy Halloween!