This weekend was a beautiful weekend in the Bay. I got to learn how to surf for the first time! I've lived near a beach pretty much my entire life and I grew up swimming and playing water polo, but somehow I have never tried surfing. You could even see the beach from my high school! I love the beach and I always wanted to surf, so better late than never!

Grant had bought some Groupons for us and two of our friends to get a lesson from the Tamalpais Surf Club in Bolinas, CA. If you haven't been to Bolinas, I would highly recommend it. It's a cute little town next to Stinston's Beach and not too far from the city. It's about an hour drive. If you get car sick like me, I would recommend taking a Dramamine cause it's quite windy.

The weather was perfect and we had a great instructor. Our instructor was a former pro surfer named Tyrone. He was very helpful and patient with us.

We put on our wetsuits, grabbed our surfboards, and headed to the ocean.

We practiced paddling and standing up on land a few times, but were all eager to get into the ocean.

The waves were pretty small, only 1-2 feet, so it was not too intimidating. Paddling in the water was harder than I imagined. I didn't really feel like I was moving much. Keeping my balance on the board as I waited for a wave was also surprisingly tough. I kept tipping to one side.

I was nervous to try my first wave, but after giving it a go I realized that it wasn't so bad and when I fell, I was totally fine. I was able to have the confidence to keep going and not be scared to fall. Also, the boards were made out of foam, which was nice so we wouldn't get knocked out when the board hit us. I definitely swallowed a ton of salt water, but it was all worth it.

Standing up was the hardest part. I would stand with one knee down or sometimes just act like I was boogie boarding. I had to not psychic myself out too much and calmly try to stand up. My hands would sometimes slip off the board or I would rush and fly off the board. I never got to fully stand up, but of course with more practice I will get there.

Overall, I had a blast and want to surf more. It's so great to be in the water. I can't really ever imagine not living next to an ocean. I would miss it too much. I love California. Anyways, Happy St. Paddy's Day! Hope everyone had a great weekend and fun day full of luck and all things green. Until my next adventure, hang loose.