The third city we visited on our Europe trip was Berlin. We took another early flight to Berlin. I don't really recommend early flights unless you're a morning person. We were just so exhausted by the time we got to our cities. I do want to try taking an overnight train next time though. I think that could be fun, it was just more expensive than a flight this time around. 

We stayed at an Airbnb in Friedrichshain. Friedrichshain was a fun neighborhood to stay in with lots of cute shops.

We were able to find an excellent cafe called Silo Coffee that we went to every day while we were in Berlin. I loved their warm spiced apple cider and their baked eggs with chorizo, so good! 

The night we arrived happened to fall on a Thursday, which was food cart night at Markthalle Neun. There was a ton of food and beverage vendors and people. I even bumped into a friend, such a small world. I wished that we had gone a little earlier to enjoy more of the food. Everything we had was delicious. It was a great way to kickstart our Berlin stay. 

The next day we went on a quest to find some board games stores. Grant and I love board games and Germany is big on board games, so we wanted to see what we could find. We found 3 stores. Morgenwelt had a nice selection of board games, but we found that toy stores also had board games that we were looking for at better prices, at least for the games we were looking for. After we got our board games we headed to our appointment at the Reichstag. If you're planning to visit the Reichstag don't forget to make an appointment, otherwise you can't go in. We were able to get a same day appointment without a guided tour. They have an audio tour that I thought was great. I would recommend going to the Reichstag when it's light out though because then you can see what the audio tour references. Either way, great times were had. 

After the tour we walked over to the Brandenburger Tor and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, and then to the Winterwelt at Postdamer Platz. I didn't think that we were gonna get to go to any winter markets, but we were able to find a small one that was open. We had delicious bratwurst and quarkbällchens as well as strawberry riesen-peitsche. It was such a fun find. We mainly ate street food in Berlin and it was cheap and great.  

The next day we went to our neighborhood farmer's market. We found out that farmer's markets are usually on Saturday and flea markets are on Sunday, but since this Sunday was mourning day there would be no flea market.

After the farmer's market we decided to go to an abandoned amusement park called Spreepark. I thought that they did tours, but I thought wrong. It was closed and fenced in. I didn't feel like jumping the fence so we just walked along the perimeter and just looked at all the rides from the fence. The gloomy, cold weather made the experience all the more erie, plus the ferris wheel that wasn't moving when we arrived was moving by the time we were leaving! 

By the time we left the park it was already night time, that and the gray skies were the downside of traveling in November. We were hangry anyways, so we went to go eat at Burgermeister and then grabbed some beers at Hops & Barley. Hops & Barley is a great microbrewery that was in our neighborhood. We called it an early night after that since I was feeling under the weather. 

Our last day in Berlin we went to the East Side Gallery and the Topographies des Terrors to pay our respects and learn more history. Such sad and scary times. 

 After we grabbed a huge and delicious kebap at Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap. The line for the kebap was super long, but was worth it for us, plus we just grabbed some currywurst from Curry 36 to eat in line. :) 


We then met my friend that I met through Etsy, Carolina Buzio, at Five Elephant. You should check out her beautiful work if you haven't already and you should go get some tasty cheesecake at Five Elephant. It was great to meet her and her boyfriend, always fun to make friends through the internet, and in real life of course! 

Berlin was a lot bigger than I had anticipated. It took much longer to get to places than I thought, but I had a great time and would want to come back when it's nice and sunny. Until next time Berlin!