LA River Ride

It's been almost a month since I last wrote on this blog. I can't believe how fast this month is going. It's already almost July!

Anyways, about a few months ago my brothers and I decided to sign up for a century ride, the LA River Ride. 100 miles for some reason didn't sound THAT long to me in my head. I thought I could properly train and everything would be dandy. I would bike here and there but really nothing over 10 miles. Before I knew it, it was time to go to LA.

Last weekend I went down to LA for the ride. I wasn't too worried about the ride, but I should have been. I spent Saturday watching How to Train a Dragon 2 at Fox Studios, shopping for last minute things for the ride, renting a bike, and going to Dinner Lab with my brothers. Great times were had by all.

We didn't get back home until 12am and had to be up at 5am. Things weren't looking too good, but we were going to make it work.

The next morning we arrived to the ride about 45 minutes late, but went for it. The start had some hills, but I got through that. As we biked to the first pit stop, I swear that 20 miles had already passed by. Unfortunately it was only 10 miles! 10 MILES?! ONLY 10 MILES? This was not looking good for me at all.

We hopped back on our bikes and biked on. My brother, Jimmy, stayed back with me and we biked along the river for a while. I only have been to parts of the river that were just concrete, but we passed some parts that were super lush and beautiful. I wished I had my phone easily accessible to take pictures but I didn't. You'll just have to trust me!

I passed mile 25 and kept going, I thought I would never get to the next pit stop. My shoulders where burning and I regretted not turning back while I had the chance. As I got closer to the next pit stop, I was ready to quit. We got to the pit stop and I just laid on the ground for a while. I stretched, got a mini massage, and contemplated if I should go on. I decided to go for it and continue on to the next stop to meet my other brother who plowed ahead.

We biked through Long Beach. The beach there is beautiful. I had never been there, and wished I could just hang out on the beach. Instead I had many more miles to go. I trekked on and reached 58 miles! Well now I'm more than halfway done and had to head back to LA. I couldn't stop now.

My brothers were great sports and stayed back with me. I felt bad slowing my brothers down. I tried to speed up, but my legs were so tired. At mile 73, I decided that I was going to stop at mile 80 and take a shuttle back. I told my brothers to go ahead, and I would meet them back at the finish line.

I biked 7 miles with a bike marshall to the park to take the shuttle back, but as I reached the park I saw the shuttle leave. I then realized that I had no phone or wallet, and the marshall didn't have his phone either.

I didn't know what to do. I thought about it for a little bit and then decided that I would suck it up, and ride the rest of the ride. I've come this far, and it must be a sign for me to not be a quitter. I slowly pedaled through the streets. I never thought that I was going to make it to the final stretch.

I finally got to a sign that told me that I had only 6 miles left, and could not be happier. There I realized I could ask someone to use there phone to call my brothers. I called them to let them know that I was almost back and I was biking to the end.

My water ran out, I was tired, and my knees were bothering me, but I got this. I rode the 6 remaining miles and made it to the finish line. People where packing everything up, but I was greeted by my brothers and others clapping and it was truly an event to remember. I had pulled it off! I ended up biking a total of 104 miles! It took me forever, but I did it and I'm glad that I didn't give up. I really could not have done it without the encouragement and help of my awesome brothers and the marshall. I hope that I can do it again next year, but with more training. Time to get back into shape!