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I have been following Hermione de Paula on Instagram for a while now. I always thought her dresses were so pretty and unique and when I got married I hoped that I was lucky enough to wear one of them. When I got engaged, I was ready to go make my dress with her. My only problem was I’ve never seen one of her dresses in person and they’re located in London. I think they have some of their dresses at the LOHO in Los Angeles, but now I forgot why I didn’t go down there to look at them.

I decided that I would go to my local wedding dress shops first in case I found something that I loved in one of the stores that I would have gotten to see in person. I went to BHLDN, LOHO, Lovely, and Sarah Seven.


I have dreaded wedding shopping though. I knew that I woudln’t fit in any of the sample sizes and that it would probably make me feel bad about myself. And sure enough it did.

Lovely was the only place where I could actually fit in their curve samples and enjoyed my experience the most there. It was so different to have a dress zip up vs just draped in front of you with your arms in them like a paper doll. I really hope wedding shops will improve this experience cause it was definitely one of my least favorite part of wedding planning and I love fashion and playing dress up.

Not surprisingly the dresses that I loved the most were at Lovely. I loved this beautiful, off-the-shoulder sparkle dress from Chosen by One Day.


I loved how it sucked me in and looked glam, but I didn’t think it was unique enough to show my personality and style. That’s when I went back to Hermione de Paula dresses.

I looked at their dresses from previous brides and dresses from their jungle collection. After looking at all the dresses I knew what I wanted. I wanted a three quarter length sleeve cause I have never liked my chubby arms and I think three quarter length is an elegant length. Anytime I wear long sleeves, I just push them up. I love the u-scoop back lined with flowers despite my back fat. I wanted my skirt to be fully lined and feel a little like a princess, but not overly so. I wanted the pink dip dye of their sunrise jungle dress. I went back and forth with just going with the sunrise dress as is instead of my Frankenstein dress, but in the end I worked with Lucy and Claudia to put all these elements together and I’m glad I did!

Pictures from

Pictures from

And after many emails and Skype check-ins we made it happen! I’m crazy and never tried on any of her dresses before ordering. I didn’t get to try it on before they shipped it to me cause I couldn’t afford to go to London. I went with a made to order size and knew the measurements that I needed to make work when the dress arrived. The made to order size was a little smaller than what I measured at the time, but I was hoping to lose weight to make it work. Grant and I were both really scared it wasn’t going to fit and if I needed to get a back up wedding dress. I was luckily able to make it work. I would have liked to lose a few more pounds so it fit even better, but I was able to put it on and wear it on my wedding day! So I was really happy that it all worked out and that I got to wear a dress that was more my personality and style.

One of my favorite things about Hermione de Paula is the custom embroidery you can add to make the dress truly your own. I decided to add 3 custom things. An A&G in a heart, Boba (my French Bulldog), and our wedding date in Thai. 


I was a little last minute and got the dress about 3 weeks before my wedding. Marissa at Tailor Maid SF was able to work her magic to get my dress ready in time for my wedding.

IMG_9905 2.JPG

With the dress I also got a cathedral length veil with matching embroidery at the bottom. I didn’t do a great job of spreading it out and showcasing it at the ceremony but it matched the dress perfectly and I loved it.

Here is the end result! Photos by Lauren Scotti.


Thank you to Lucy and Claudia of Hermione de Paula for dealing with me. Sorry for all my photoshopping, questions, and emails. :)

Also, the pink sunrise coloring of my dress is what helped define the colors of our wedding. I’ll write more about that in another post.