Dillon Beach Weekend

I've decided to plan our vacations around places I want to stay when I can. I was looking through VRBO and found a cute pink cottage and really wanted to stay there. It was kind of pricey though, so we decided to hold off on it. Little did I know that Grant would later surprise me for our 6 year anniversary with a weekend at this pink cottage. Our anniversary is in August and it was all booked, but we got to stay there last weekend and it was great!


I had never heard of Dillon Beach before, but it's a cute little beach town near Tomales Bay. The cottage was a short walk to the beach. It wasn't quite beach weather but we still walked down to the beach. We tried to get Boba to swim, but she wasn't feeling the ocean water. Hopefully one day we can teach her to swim with a life vest of course.

The house was very comfortable and had everything we needed, including a hot tub and an endless pool. It was a nice relaxing weekend to get away from the city and just live the beach town life. 

We also found a little food joint called K&A Take Away that was run by a husband and wife team serving great sausage sandwiches. We found it on the way back from getting some groceries to go cook, but we still wanted to try them out and shared one of their sausage sandwiches and sweet potato salad and they were both delicious. 

We also weren't too far from a great bakery called Wild Flour Bread. It's about a 20-25 minute drive. If you're trying to avoid carbs, this is not the place to do it. If you're not, you'll love this place. We loved the sticky bun and cheese fougasse. 

We couldn't end a trip near Tomales Bay without going to get some BBQ oysters at the Marshall Store! So on the way back we grabbed some oysters and sat outside soaking in the sun.