Boba's Birthday Bash

Like the crazy dog mom I am, I wanted to throw boba a birthday party in the park and we did! I designed an invite and this past weekend we had a party in Golden Gate Park next to the beautiful Conservatory of Flowers.

For the party, I made the tea the day before, bottled them up and used a gold paint marker to label them. I bought black tapioca pearls from and cooked them in the morning of according to this blog and they came out delicious. I also made some simple syrup for people to be able to sweeten their boba milk tea their way. I got some Strauss whole milk, the best milk, and Califia almond milk as well as some ice. I had some boba cups and straws from my party last time, which was convenient. I just added some cups from Target and some party supplies from the Oh Happy Day Party Shop. They have such a great selection of party supplies and since they were in San Francisco, I would get them next day. 

I had ambitions to make a cool balloon setup with some black sphere balloons, a rainbow balloon, a heart balloon, an emoji balloon, and Boba spelled in large gold foil balloons, but I lost some balloons on our way to the park and I popped a B, so that failed. It was too windy anyways to have my balloon setup meet the vision I had in mind. 

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

I also ordered a peanut butter cake, which actually comes with beef liver and bacon, from Paw Patch Pastries for Boba and her friends and I had a trés leche cake from Tartine for the humans. The dog cake came out great and the dogs seemed to love it. Lastly, I put out some of my Boba pins for people to take. I didn't do a good job of taking pictures, but good times were had. It was a great day for all.