Home: Nightstand Shopping

We decided to play with the layout of our bedroom. Our bedroom is quite small, so it's like solving a jigsaw puzzle. Our most recent layout didn't have room for a nightstand. You can see below how the bed almost hits the door to my closet. 

This time we moved the bed to the opposite wall to allow for nightstands. I didn't like putting things on the floor, especially since if I left things on the floor it would be so tempting for Boba to chew on them. I haven't decided if I wanted a nightstand with or without drawers. I think I think I'm leaning toward drawers just so I can store some things nicely, but the nightstands without drawers are really nice looking! Here's a roundup of my favorites from my search. Which one is your favorite?

1. Hairpin Table by Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. // 2. Mid-century nightstand by West Elm // 3. Strut Side Table by Blu Dot // 4. Terrace Nightstand by West Elm // 5. Metal Accordion Side Table from Urban Outfitters // 6. Aldama Side Table from The Citizenry

Now that I've found a few that I like, we just need to pick one and pick a bed frame! I'm so excited for our bedroom refresh. I'll give an update once we put it all together.