My First Craft Fair

I started designing cards almost two years ago. It's been one of my dreams to own my own stationery company. I got the itch after I made a holiday card for my friends and family in 2013. I decided that I would give designing cards a shot and designed a set of Valentine's Day card. I bought paper, envelopes, scanner, printer, and started painting. I had some good support from my friends and added new cards and prints every once and a while. I've also been juggling work though. 

When I got back from Washington D.C. I decided that I wanted to ramp up Design + Happiness a little bit more by starting to go to craft fairs and see the response. I applied to a few and got waitlisted to all of them, but eventually got in to two of them. I was really sad when I didn't get into any, but I'm thankful to the vendors that decided not to go and opened up a spot for me. 

My first craft fair was the SF Etsy Indie Holiday Emporium. I didn't really know how many people to expect. I figured it was the weekend after Thanksgiving, so everyone would be out of town and it would be pretty mellow. It was the complete opposite. The fair was jam packed. I had so much fun meeting people and selling my products. I was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement, it really gave me the inspiration to move keep working on my passion project. Thank you to everyone that came to my booth. I am forever grateful for your support. 

I have a second craft fair coming up in two weeks at the Holiday Urban Air Market at Pier 70. Come by and say hi if you're bored. :) I can't wait to sign up for more craft fairs next year. Until next time, here's my Etsy store. Thanks!