Palm Springs

I haven't been to Palm Springs since I was a kid and I don't remember much. I remember going there during the winter and playing in the snow, but that's it. Also, snow in Palm Springs? That's not. What people think of when they think of Palm Springs. This time I went to Palm Springs when it was hot and got the desert experience. 

I went to Palm Springs mainly for Designer Vaca, a freelance designer vacation to hang out, learn from each other, and talk shop. This was my first year attending and I didn't know anyone there, so I was really nervous to meet everyone. I have bad anxiety and was able to bring Boba, and convince Grant to come hang out in the hotel room for moral support. 

Once I got a little more comfortable it was fun to meet designers from all over the world. It's great to learn from others, especially when you're normally working with yourself and just figuring things out on your own. Going to this event gave me new connections and the extra push I needed to get my lapel pins printed. Now those are my best selling items. 

The Designer Vaca took up most of our time in Palm Springs, but we were able to explore a little bit and get to stay at the Ace.

We loved how dog-friendly the Ace was. Boba even got a little goodie bag.

The bed was very peaceful, especially for Boba. 

We had a room with a sweet patio. 

Where we could get some room service. The date shakes were the best. We would get them all day if they were served all day. :)

The grounds were pretty with nice wood and color accents. 

We loved getting breakfast at King's Highway. I loved the corn fritters.

And if you get tired of King's Highway, super close to the Ace is Elmer's Restaurant where they serve delicious German pancakes like this one:

Once we checked out of the Ace, we went to visit the pink door. This is rumored to be the most Instagramed door in Palm Springs, so we dropped by to do a quick snap of Boba. It was too hot to stay out long.

Also not far from the Ace was Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium. We took a nice stroll through the garden and cactarium and checked out the tortoises. 

From there we went to visit Le Parker Méridien Palm Springs. It's so beautiful inside and out. I love their lemonade stand, life-sized chessboard, bocce ball court, hammocks, and restaurant. I hope that I get to stay there one day as they're also dog-friendly. They even had special peanut butter dog treats that their chef makes and the staff were all so friendly.

We randomly stumbled upon Robolights while looking for Frank Sinatra's home. The colors caught my eye and we parked to see what it was. It's a home that had been turned into an art display made of recycled materials by artist Kevin Irwin Jr. 

We ended our time in Palm Springs going to Cabazon Dinosaurs 20 minutes outside of Palm Springs before we headed to Joshua Tree.