Golden Birthday

This year was my golden birthday, where your birthday and age match. I've also heard it's called a jubilee birthday. This year at 9:29am on August 29th, I turned 29! I have entered the last year of my twenties. 28 was a great year. Some highlights included going to Portland, new parts of Europe, working in D.C. at the White House, and finally getting a puppy. It was a great year, but I'm hoping 29 will be even better! I'm hoping to continue doing creative projects and making Design + Happiness a real brand. I want to create a more cohesive stationary line and even dabble in some kids clothes. If you have any advice or know anyone I should talk to and pick their brains, please let me know. I am feeling inspired to do bigger things this year! Here's to 29!

2015-08-29 11.04.47-3.jpg