My Favorite Things in Washinton D.C.

I got to live in D.C. for 3 months from mid-May to mid-August. The weather was pretty brutal as I was not use to the heat or humidity coming from California. Nonetheless, I had a grand ol' time. I loved how walkable it was, bike-friendly, and lots of free things to do. Here is a list of my favorite places in Washington D.C. 


Salt & Sundry - They have two locations, both are beautiful and full of home goodies. 

Shinola - Love everything about this store. I especially love their watches and bikes. 

Vintage Vagabond - A good selection of vintage clothing.

Miss Pixie's - A fun vintage store. 



Chaia - Delicious fresh vegetarian tacos and shrub. I ate here almost every week and never got bored of them. 

Founding Farmers - Love this place! The food is greet and so are the drinks. My favorites were the chicken and waffles, salad, and cornbread. I also loved their vanilla New York cream soda and their clover club. 

SUNdeVICH- Tasty sandwiches in an alley, my favorite is the Beirut. 

 Union Market DC - A cute place with another Salt & Sundry location and lots of good eats. It reminds me of the SF Ferry Building. 

Donburi - Love the vibe and their katsudon and sashimi bowls. 

Daikaya - tasty ramen, housemade iced tea, and frozen yogurt. Grab a drink at Graffiato while you wait. 

Mandu - Great Korean brunch

Tony Cheng Seafood Restaurant - Good place to get my dim sum fix. 

Zaytinya - Go to the Portrait Museum and then head here for some tasty mediterranean mezze.

Great Szechuan - Good comfort Chinese food. 

Maki Shop - a nice chill spot to get some sushi rolls. It was my go-to to-go place. 

Shake Shack - Love the Shack Stack. 

Ted's Bulletin - Tasty pop tarts, my favorite is the blueberry cheesecake. I also love their decor and one night a week they serve dinner in a TV dinner tray. 

Pleasant Pops - Love their pops and enjoyed their salads and sandwiches. 

Amsterdam Falafel - Make your own falafel sandwich bar full of tasty sauces and toppings.

Hana Japanese Market - Love this mom and pop store full of lots of Japanese goodness. I love their fresh onigiri. 

Satellite Room - A bar with a great atmosphere and the food is pretty good. I didn't get to try their boozy milkshakes, but I heard those are good as well. 

American Ice Company - Another bar with a great atmosphere and tasty BBQ. Their grapefruit shandy is yummy and refreshing in the summertime. 



Taylor's - Love their federal sandwich. 

Sweet Green - Hummus tahini is tasty. 

Protein Bar - Buffalo salad is tasty. 

Roti - Chipotle for Mediterranean food. 

Farragut Square food trucks



Dolcezza - Love their gelato and sorbet, my favorites are lemon opal basil and pineapple mint. I also love their nitro and cream drink as well as their rose water limeade. They also have excellent decor and fun wallpaper in their bathrooms. This is one of the places that I miss the most. 

The Coffee Bar - Love their espresso and chai latte. 

Teaism - Love their bubble tea, ginger lemonade, and udon. 

DuPont Farmer's Market - I went there every Sunday to get fresh fruits and veggies,



Movies on the Mall

American History Museum - Here you can see Abe Lincoln's top hat, the flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner, and Julia Child's kitchen to name a few things.


Air and Space Museum

Natural History Museum 

The Beach at the Building Museum - A huge ball pit for both kids and adults.

The Bureau of Printing and Engraving - You can get a free tour of how money is made! You just have to go in the morning to get tickets for a certain time slot.

Library of Congress - A beautiful building full of marble, tiles, and history. 

Zoo - A free zoo to stroll around and check out all the animals, including this panda!