Meet Boba

Life has been really busy in D.C., so I haven't had much time to blog at all. I wanted to get back into it though, as my blog is also my journal of life events, like getting my first dog! On August 19th, Grant flew to St. Louis, MO to pick up our French Bulldog. On the 20th I met Grant and Boba, during my layover as I was moving back from D.C. to San Francisco. It was love at first sight. She was about 11.5 weeks and 5.8 pounds full of love. I knew she was going to be a great companion. She slept in my arms and was great the entire 4 hour plane ride. 

It has been a lifelong dream for me to own a dog, especially a French Bulldog and I can't believe it is now a reality. I feel very fortunate. I was obsessed with puppies so much at one point I had an Instagram account where I just take picture of other's people's dogs called @puppymapper. We knew a French Bulldog would be perfect for us as they have great temperaments, are small, didn't need much exercise, and didn't bark much. We also wanted a puppy that would be well socialized and be good with babies and kids as more were popping up in our lives. We're hoping we can train her to be as sweet as she looks. We already have her signed up for a puppy class.

We did get her from a first-time breeder. I looked into rescuing a dog for a while, but didn't find one that we thought would be a good fit for our living situation. We hope to be able to rescue one in the future, but for now we are happy with our little Boba. Welcome to San Francisco, Boba! If you want to follow along her adventures, be sure to follow here on Instagram at @nowservingboba

2015-08-23 14.59.28-1.jpg