Washington DC

Hold the phone! In two days I'm going to be moving to DC for at least 3 months to be a design consultant at the United States Digital Service (USDS)!

I'm excited and nervous about the opportunity to work for the federal government and to explore a new city, but I'm also sad that Grant won't be able to come with me! I'm also sad to leave my friends, but August will be here sooner than I think. I'm also going to try to come back in July. I don't think I'm really ready for a hot and humid summer, but here goes nothing. If you have any recommendations of things I should do while I'm in DC, please let me know! Thanks! 

Unfortunately, this also means that I'll be putting my store on hold for a few months. I hope to have it back and running in August. I'll still be working on lettering and coming up with new ideas for my store, so stay tuned!