Grant's 30th Birthday Surprises!

This past week has been a little crazy for me. I had decided to plan some surprises for Grant for his 30th birthday since I would be missing his actual birthday. I'm bad at keeping secrets about good surprises just cause I'm so excited to share when we're going to go do something fun. I can't believe all my surprises were a success and he had no clue about any of them! 

The first surprise was going to see Book of Mormon last Wednesday. I grabbed tickets on Goldstar and picked them up before dinner. We went to dinner and grabbed drinks and started to walk home. Our walk home happens to past the Orpheum where Book of Mormon was playing, so I told Grant we should go check if there were any tickets. He thought I was being ridiculous and was a little upset of why I think there would be any tickets left. As I approached the door, I turned around and showed him the tickets that I had already bought! 

We laughed so much, it was such an awesome musical. It made me want to go to the theater more often. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it! It's showing in San Francisco until the end of June. 

My second surprise was on Sunday. We went to a Real Escape Room with me and 9 of his friends in Japantown. I told Grant we were going to watch a movie at the Kabuki and to meet me at New People first. He was really confused why I was hanging out there but obliged and surprised by his friends and then told we were going to escape a room! Everyone had a blast at Real Escape Room Time Travel Lab. If you get a chance to do this particular one, I would highly recommend it as well. I tried one in Los Angeles, and although I had fun at that one, I thought this one was even more fun and not just because we were able to escape the room! There's so much going on but I think communication and collaboration among your friends is key and also making sure you knew everyone in the room helped. We were able to do a good job at coordinating and it was so thrilling to solve the puzzles especially as the time counted down. You never know how many more puzzles you would have to solve to get to the key and that was both exciting and terribly nerve-wracking. I was in a high for a few hours after and a little in shock that we were able to escape. We were the 66th team to escape out of 1346 teams with only 2 minutes to spare. 


After the Real Escape Room we walked over to YakiniQ for some all you can eat Korean BBQ. We were joined by more of Grant's friends. YakiniQ was delicious and great for a group setting. We had 19 people in our group and didn't have a problem getting a reservation. They even let me drop off the cake earlier that day. They are busy though, so make sure to get a reservation and know your confirmed headcount. The host was very strict about that and would not start serving food until everyone was there. All the food was tasty. My favorites were the spicy pork belly, bulgogi, and gal-bi. Here's the crew:

I didn't do a great job of documenting the event, but wanted to capture something! 

As the restaurant started to close I brought out a cake that I got custom made by Cake Coquette based on the board game he just finished making this year with his friend Jason called God Hates Charades. I also got a big birthday cake candle/sparkler from Amazon that was awesome. I think the restaurant was a little terrified, but it all worked out fine. We didn't set anything on fire and there was so much smoke from the bbq already that a little smoke from this candle was a-ok. 

We then headed to Mogura, a hidden karaoke bar, across the street, which was the perfect way to end the awesome night! I was so happy that all the surprises worked out. Happy Early Birthday Grant! Love ya!