Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy New Year! We cleaned the apartment to start the new year in an orderly fashion. It's a tradition I have done ever since I was a kid. Even if it was a way to sucker me to clean, it worked and it made me feel better for the new year ahead. I like having traditions. Anyways, I'm excited to order some Chinese take-out tonight to celebrate, and then take some time to reflect and reassess my new year resolutions from January. The start of the new year has been busy and I'm still figuring things out, but I'm optimistic about what's ahead including a fun trip this weekend.

Also, not only is it the Lunar New Year today, it's also Photoshop's 25th birthday! I can't believe it's been around for that long. I love Photoshop. It's been one of my main design tools, so Happy Birthday Photoshop! Now it's time for dinner, and then back to some more Photoshopping. Hope everyone has a lovely evening.