Valentine's Day: 9 Gifts For The Golden Girl

Valentine's Day is coming up in 10 days! Not that you need to show your love with material goods, but if you decide to do so, here are some gift ideas for the girl who is all about the gold. 

Valentine's Day: 9 Gifts For The Golden Girl

1. Gold Birdy watch by Shinola - This is high on my wish list. I wasn't sure that I was going to like the skinny band, but I love it! I think it looks so elegant. I love the Shinola brand. 

2. Coco perfume by Coqui Coqui - I really want to go to Tulum, but if I can't go to Tulum, I would at least like to bring this perfume from Tulum to me! 

3. White topaz Emma droplet necklace by Anna Sheffield - I absolutely love Anna Sheffield's work. I think all her jewelry is gorgeous. I think this necklace is no exception. I hope to visit her store one day in NYC.

4. Rose gold ballerina earrings by Catbird - I love the chain on these earrings. I think it adds a nice touch that is elegant but a little edgy.

5. Opal teardrop ring by Catbird - I love how opal stone looks and love it more so in this teardrop ring. A perfect ring for your ring stacking lady.

6. Gold iPad Mini by Apple - This is just something I want right now. I think the iPad Mini is the perfect size tablet to carry around.

7. Metallic rose gold tote by - This is a fun carry-all tote. Even if you can't find anything in your bag, the shininess will make you smile. 

8. Stay Golden print by Design & Happiness - This is a letterpress print I designed last year. I keep it up in my apartment as a remember to stay true, bold, and in California, The Golden State. :)

9. 6 diamond cluster ring by Jerry Grant - Grant got me this ring for my birthday and I absolutely love it. I love how natural it looks and it's something that I can wear all the time.