This weekend I celebrated 4 years with this guy:


Grant and I ventured to Healdsburg to celebrate. I've never been to Healdsburg, but heard that it was a cute place to visit. We didn't have any agenda, and was just gonna walk around and see what there was to explore. We probably should have looked for wineries or something, but we just drove straight there and just walked around.

We parked next to what I was most excited about in Healdsburg, which has to be the SHED. It's a beautiful store, cafe, and restaurant in one. It has everything I love and more. They even have workshops! I hope to one day own a place that is similar. If you know of any sweet abandon warehouses, let me know. Oh also if you find loads of money you want to give me. :)

I matched the home goodies.

I matched the home goodies.


I could spend all day in the SHED, but decided we should explore the more of Healdsburg. We walked around and dropped by some vintage stores, but didn't find anything that we wanted. We grabbed ice cream from Noble Folk. A cute ice cream shop, but I thought the ice cream was a little too rich and sweet for me. We sat in the little square and then walked around some more,  but didn't find anything that really struck our fancy. I think when you start with The Shed, everything else just doesn't seem as cool, so we headed back to the SHED. We grabbed a few goodies, and then we decided to head back and possibly stop at another city in between Healdsburg and San Francisco. 

As we drove down the freeway, I saw a mini golf place and screamed "mini golf!" Grant quickly exited the freeway, and then next thing you know we were at the Scandia Family Fun Center! There was not only mini golf, but a batting cage, arcade, bumper cars, and waterbugs. Apparently at their other location there is a race track and laser tag! Also as I was looking at the map again, I saw we were actually next to a laser tag and indoor paintballing place as well. So many fun things to do!

I don't think I have ever been mini golfing. I really can't remember, but I think it's so fun! It was not crowded at all, so we could go back and redo some holes. 


We then went to the batting cage. I've also never been in a batting cage. That was also really fun, but also painful. Every time the ball would hit the bat, my hand would hurt. I was definitely sore the next day. 

2014-08-10 18.46.21-1.jpg

After playing a few arcade games we headed back to San Francisco for dinner. We went to dinner at Toyose, an excellent Korean restaurant in what looks like a garage. It's all the way out in the Outer Sunset, but if you get a chance to eat over there I highly recommend it. I loved their chicken wings, kimchi fried rice, and their pancakes. I can't wait to go there again.

Although we didn't really plan what we were going to do, it ended up being a fun day. Happy anniversary Grant! Love ya!