OHD Letterpress Craft Night

On Wednesday night, I went to the Oh Happy Day Craft Night on letterpress. I always wanted to try letterpress, and this was a great way to get a little taste of it and help fund a Community Preschool. I am also a big fan of Jordan Ferney and her blog Oh Happy Day.

The class was taught at husband's studio, Ferney Art Studio, in the Mission. Paul Ferney's art is beautiful. I especially love the beach painting in the picture below.

I arrived to the class hot and sweaty from the crazy summer day in SF. We each got cute tote bags with some goodies inside. There were refreshments to cool me down and chocolate chip cookies from the tasty Craftman & Wolves.

Jordan walked us through the basics of letterpress and how to use her Vandercook proof press. Here she is applying paint to the roller.

After the walkthrough, we quickly went into printing the cards ourselves. It was so fun to try out the press. I hope that I can have my own one day. Here's my friend LR using the press:

Here are the cards that we printed:

I can't wait to take more letterpress classes and maybe print some of my own designs. I want to take the series at the San Francisco Center for the Book. I also want to go to more of Oh Happy Day's Craft Nights. Until next time, get crafty!