Eggcellent Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter is this Sunday, but I do love decorating eggs. I have fond memories of decorating eggs, doing Easter eggs hunts as a kid as well as entering a coloring contest at a Ralph's and winning a giant bunny stuffed animal. I still have the bunny at my parent's house.

I love all of the fun ideas that I have come across on Pinterest, so I decided to create an Easter Pinterest board. Here are some of my favorite egg decorating ideas from Pinterest to try out.

1. Sharpie eggs from  //  2. Neon dip-dyed eggs from Oh Joy!  //  3. Pantoned dyed eggs from How About Orange  //  4. Painted brown eggs  //  5. Mr. Humpty Dumpty eggs from Confetti Sunshine  //  6. Pineapple eggs from Studio DIY //  7. Black and white eggs from Paper & Stitch  //  Golden marbled eggs fromSheKnows  //  All natural dyed eggs from Better Homes and Gardens