Fashion Friday: Old & New Skool

Today I felt like mixing some old and new skool pieces together. Here's a throwback to my high school days. I always wanted a varsity jacket when I was in high school, but I never got one. I figured my last name wouldn't be able to fit on the back and would just look silly. When I found this Madewell one, I thought that it was a decent subsitute to fill my void. I still love Vans and Casio watches and will keep the 80s/90s alive foreva eva.

As for my backpack, I love Fjallraven. I have two of their backpacks and enjoy them both. I feel like a kid with this blue one, but it makes me happy so whatevs. :) Anyways, don't take yourself too seriously and keep mixing things up! Have a fun weekend everyone!


Varsity cardigan sweater from Madewell  //  Pink flurry pouf from  //  Speckled v-neck tee from Madewell  //  Brass geometric necklace from Madewell  //  Gold digital watch from Casio  //  Brass cuff from Odette New York  //  Black legging jeans from Gap  //  Checkerboard slip-ons from Vans  //  Ice blue backpack from Fjallraven

Photos by @astrism