Warby Parker Snowman Kit

This past holiday season, I decided to buy another pair of glasses from Warby Parker because I love their designs, mission, and price. I ordered a pair and saw that they were sending snowman kits on the homepage, but I didn't read it carefully. The snowman kits were only for people who bought gift cards, whoops.

The snowman kits looked like fun, so I tweeted at them saying that they should also send them to people who just order glasses. They thought it was good idea and I was just satisfied that they responded!

I went home to Los Angeles for the holidays and when I came back to San Francisco I was surprised to find a lovely package from Warby Parker on my doorstep. It was a snowman kit! I couldn't believe that they would send me and love them even more. I loved the detail that they put into the kit. The troubleshooting section of the user manual is my favorite part of the kit.

Anyways, the holidays may be over but I still wanted to make a snowman. There's no snow in San Francisco, so I improvised with other things San Franciscan, technology! Enjoy, and thanks Warby Parker!