Pretty in Pins: Summer is Coming

Hi from Washington DC! I've been here for a few days now, and it's been great so far despite the heat and humidity. I know that the temperature is just going to rise from here and I'm a little scared to be honest! Living in San Francisco, I'm not use to seasons and humidity. I hope to get through the summer here as gracefully as I can. Here are some stylish pins I found as we transition from Spring to Summer. I hope everyone is doing well! I'll try to write more of an update later about DC. Enjoy the rest of the week!

Pretty in Pins: Biking in Style

In honor of Bike to Work Day this week, this week's pins are all about bike fashion. Hope you get some inspo for your biking outfit for Bike to Work Day and any day really. Have a great week!

Wish List: Midi Skirts

I love everything about midi skirts, but always have had trouble trying to find them. I think the length is just so elegant. I was even going to make my own. I still want to do that one day. For now, I've been so happy to see many retailers with midi skirts. Here are my current favorites. 

Wish List: Midi Skirts

Cozy Coats

Summer and fall are my favorite seasons. Even though it gets darker faster in the fall, I still love it. I love the crisp air, holidays, sparkles, boots, tights, scarfs, and coats! As I plan for my trip to Europe, where it will be colder than it is here in San Francisco, I like to think that I need another coat. I don't really, but I did find some cute ones on the internet. A girl can never have too many coats, right?